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Mr. Cale Hoover, Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education
Social Studies Educator, Center Grove High School
Email: Canvas Messages (preferred) or hooverc1@centergrove.k12.in.us

Office Hours: This is a completely online course, and office hours are available upon request. We can meet online via Canvas Collaborations or in-person at a mutually convenient location. 

I generally respond to email within 12-24 hours. For general questions, please email me first. If there is an emergency, you may text or contact me on my cell phone: 317-502-8796.  Please include your name, cell number, and email in case I need to get back to you quickly. 



The intent of this course is to increase understanding of the American political system, its framework, and its development over the past two centuries. We will examine in detail the principle processes and institutions through which the political system functions, as well as some of the public policies which these institutions establish and how they are implemented. Throughout the course, we'll focus on the driving question: Why do I need a government, how does it affect me, and how can I change it?

  • No prerequisites necessary
  • Recommended grade level: 9-12 
  • Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Express ideas clearly in writing.
  • Work individually and with classmates to research political issues
  • Interpret and apply data from original documents such as court cases and bills
  • Write to persuade with evidence
  • Develop essay responses that include a clear, defensible thesis statement, and supporting evidence.
  • Raise and explore questions about policies, institutions, beliefs, and actions in a political science context.
  • Evaluate secondary materials, such as scholarly works or statistical analyses.
  • Explain the foundations and underpinnings of democratic government.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of documents essential to American government and politics.
  • Evaluate the importance of federalism in the political operation of the nation.
  • Describe the nature of American political parties and their role in the election process.
  • Analyze the patterns of voter behavior.
  • Describe the functions and workings of policy making institutions (Congress, the Presidency, the Courts, and the Bureaucracy).
  • Analyze the major developments in civil rights and civil liberties in America



All readings and instructional materials will be provided in Canvas.  


Students must have access to a reliable computer with high-speed internet access and a headset microphone. Apps used for the course will include but not limited to Haiku Deck, Keynote, Pages, EduCreations, and PicCollage.


US Government is a 1-credit, completely online course. There are no required face-to-face sessions, but students should login daily. Students will spend approximately 2-4 hours per week completing the required tasks. Many of the course projects involve collaborative and detailed work, and therefore students should plan ahead and allocate the time needed to such projects.  

Students are expected to complete all assignments by 11:00 p.m. on the scheduled due dates. Failure to do so will result in a 10% deduction per day. Assignments will no longer be accepted after five days. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, students are to communicate with their instructor as soon as possible to make necessary accommodations. Students who are planning to travel or be away from wi-fi access for more than three days should communicate with me in advance to make arrangements.  Students will need to communicate with the teacher if they will be out of town or have limited internet access for any length of time over the summer. 


Please be proactive and seek help whenever possible. The online environment is full of helpful people and resources.  If you are having a problem, reach out to those around you who might be able to help. Consider the following:

  • Instructor Support. You can contact me anytime using the Canvas mail. This is located in the upper right corner, called “inbox.” I will respond to your emails within 24 hours. 
  • Online Support. If you have a question regarding Center Grove Global Campus in general, please contact the eLearning Coordinator, Joanna Ray, at rayjl@centergrove.k12.in.us.

Who Do I Contact for Technical Support?

If you are having technical issues, please select from one of the following options:


If you’re having trouble with your Skyward or Canvas account, please contact accounthelp@centergrove.k12.in.us.


Find answers to common questions at Canvas Student Guides.


If Canvas misbehaves for you, please file a HELP ticket located in the upper right corner of Canvas. For faster support, file your help ticket from the page that is not working properly.


If your iPad is broken or not working properly, Global Campus summer students should contact Brenda Means at meansb@centergrove.k12.in.us. During the school year, students should visit the Media Center to see Mrs. Shook or Mrs. Stapleton.


If a link is broken, or a website isn’t working properly for you, please notify your course instructor.



If you have special needs that may require modification of instruction or assessment, please make sure a copy of your IEP is on file. You may contact Kathy Stricker, Director of Special Needs at strickerk@centergrove.k12.in.us, so that we can determine how to make necessary accommodations to best support your learning needs.  


It is expected that students will not cheat, plagiarize, or engage in any other form of academic dishonesty.  If a student is discovered doing any of these acts, that student will be subject to consequences determined by Center Grove Administrators, which could include possibly receiving an “F” in the course or dismissal from the Global Campus program entirely.


Grades and assignment feedback will be posted within 72-96 hours of submission, pending an on-time submission. In some circumstances, you may be permitted to resubmit your work for a higher grade.  All assignments will be graded on a point basis and final grades will be determined as follows:

Quizzes and Tests: 25% of grade

Quizzes will be given at various times throughout the semester. Quizzes will come in different forms and may or may not be announced. Each test will consist of one to several changes. Tests will consist of any and all material covered in class and the assigned readings. A good notebook will aid in your studies.

Projects: 50% of grade

Students will complete several projects throughout the semester. The style of projects will vary to address different skills. Some projects may be individual and some with a team of students.

Final Project: 25%

All assignments assigned must be completed by the due date. If an assignment is turned in late, it will be counted for half credit.



Grades and assignment feedback will be posted within 48-72 hours of submission (set your standards), pending an on-time submission. In some circumstances, you may be permitted to resubmit your work for a higher grade (set your policy for resubmissions.) The letter grade scale that will accompany your grade will be the grading scale that Center Grove High School has deemed the grading scale for all 9-12 courses, and is as follows: 

    B+ 89 - 87% C+ 79 - 77% D+ 69 - 67%
A 100 - 93% B 86 - 83% C 76 - 73% D 66 - 63%
A- 92 - 90% B- 82 - 80% C- 72 - 70% D- 62 - 60%



Unit 1

  • Module 1–What is Government
  • Module 2- What is American Government

Unit 2

  • Module 3- Legislative Branch
  • Module 4- Executive Branch
  • Module 5- Judicial Branch

Unit 3

  • Module 6- Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Unit 4 

  • Module 7- Political Parties and Voting Behavior
  • Module 8- Elections


Final Note

I am here to help you be a successful student and teach you knowledge and skills that will assist you in life. It is essential to keep an open line of communication with me. If you have questions or concerns, please be sure to ask me. You can also email me questions at hooverc1@centergrove.k12.in.us.


Course Summary:

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